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Ever wondered why you didn't get called to an interview? What went wrong? Why can't they see your potential? This short informative course will guide you through the application stage so you don't repeat any bad mistakes that could cost you your next move. I will unveil the mysteries of why your CV could go to the reject pile, why you aren't making the right first impression and why you have to polish up your online presence before hitting the 'apply here' button. Recruitment is fast changing and I am training the people responsible for the hiring process, if you want to know what is in their head when screening your application then take this short course in 'what to before you apply for a new job' and get your next move off to a flying start.

Global Interview Expert

Clare Reed

I have been a professional interviewer for twenty years and what I don't know about interviewing isn't worth writing about. I have worked globally, interviewing thousands of candidates, in my role as Head of Recruitment at KPMG, Deloitte, Intel and have been a headhunter for many global brands including Cap Gemini Plc, Kerry Group Plc and numerous leading Legal firms and IT companies. Aside from interviewing, I have worked as an international corporate interviewer trainer for many companies worldwide including, KPMG, Deloitte, Ireland's health service - the HSE, amongst many other prestigious clients. My business is helping people excel and achieve success in their interviews. Having been sat, throughout my career, on the interviewer side, banging my head, 'metaphorically', on the desk, whilst listening to bizarre and messy answers, I love nothing more than guiding my clients through the hurdles of the challenging application and interview process to help them achieve their goals and career aspirations.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to 'What to do Before Applying to a Job'

    • Introduction To The Short Course on 'What to do Before Applying to a Job'

  • 2

    Step 1 Are you right for the role?

    • Step 1 Job Descriptions and Suitability

    • Step 1 Quiz

  • 3

    Step 2 Polish Up Your Social Media

    • Step 2. Polishing your Social Media Presence

    • Step 2 Quiz


5 star rating

Getting it right

Maureen Mullen

I always struggle when confronted with an interview, staying put has always been the easiest option given a choice but having moved to different part of the ...

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I always struggle when confronted with an interview, staying put has always been the easiest option given a choice but having moved to different part of the country I found I needed to brush up on any interview skills I have, attending interviews and getting knocked back isn't really that encouraging. as I was still not confident in this area plus not getting any younger and the workforce these days looks even more full of young proficient people than it ever did, I decided to give Interview Ready a look after looking for tips on the internet.  To begin with, I believed that as I was older and had experience then that would see me through.  How wrong. I took this course, and must say it did switch quite a few light bulbs on with the way I have been approaching interviews, it's helped so much and can't recommend it enough. I beat the interview and am now a fully fledged employee in a brand new company, and loving every moment in this new chapter of my life.

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